Save Our Planet instruction

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Save Our Planet game tutorial

How do you start?

Step 1. Create a game

One of the players -the game master- has to create a game to start.

  • Click ‘Create game’.
  • A ‘Game Code’ is shown, the code consists of 4 pictures.
  • The other players need this game code to join the game. 

1. One player creates a game and let the other players know what code to use to join.

2. The other players enter the code to join.

Step 2. Join a game

The other players get the code from the game master. 

  • Click ‘Join game’
  • Enter the ‘Game Code’ that you have received from the game master.
  • You will see your own name on the screen.
  • Ready to play? Press the button Ready to confirm.


Step 3. Start the game

A check mark will show next to the player’s name when all the players have confirmed.  As soon as the game master clicks on Ready the game starts. 

Main goal of the game

Save our planet by placing all your climate actions in different cities in the world.

You win the game if you:
•  are the first to have an empty player board (all your climate actions are moved from your player board to the game board)

•  your pawn is also the first to be returned to “start”

How to play the game

Step 1

Select a transport card and choose which city you want to go to. The game will show you which locations are available to go to. 

Step 3

Try to get as fast as possible back to Start when all your climate actions are placed on a city.  The round is completed when the player is back to Start. 

The first player that has returned to Start and has placed all of his climate actions wins the game. The player with the highest amount of transport cards wins in case of a draw.

Step 2

A question is presented to all players and everyone tries to correctly answer the question. 

Everyone that answers the question correctly gets an extra transport card.

When the active player answers correctly he can place a climate action on the city.He also gets a second turn. This means that he can play another transport card which will trigger another question. 

When the active player answered incorrect, he has the opportunity to transfer 3 transport cards to place a climate action.  An incorrect answer does also mean that you do not get a second turn. 

How to place a climate action?

ATTENTION: only the player on move can install a climate action (circle).
• You can only move a climate action (circle) from your player board to the city on the game board where your pawn is located.
• Climate actions must be installed type by type on the board. For example, if you start with the solar panels, you must first place all the solar panels from your player board onto the game board, before you can place other climate actions.
• You can choose the type of climate action you want to start with, as long as you play them on the game board by type. You do not have to follow the order as you see it on your player board.
• The climate action you place must be the same as the one you see indicated next to the city where your pawn is located. (e.g. a solar panel on your player board is only allowed on a solar panel on the game board.)
• You are not allowed to place a climate action (circle) on a position on the game board where there is already a climate action (circle).
• You can only install one climate action per player per city. So there is maximum one circle of your color per city.

Different types of transport cards

The game consists of 6 different transport cards. The number on the card shows how many steps you can move your pawn.

  • not motorised transport : 1 step
  • public transport : 2 steps
  • car : 3 steps


The car transport card lets you move 3 steps, but also prevents you from a second turn after correctly answering a question. You cannot use a car transport card in your second turn.

What is the SOS city?

SOS city on the game board: blanco icons

These can only be used if a selected climate action is no longer available in another city.
• Any type of climate action can be placed in the SOS city.
• You can use the SOS city multiple times if the other available cities are completely played out. Only in the SOS city the same color can appear multiple times.

When does the game ends?

• The game ends when a player has placed all his climate actions on the board (his player board is empty)
• he is back in starting position with his pawn.

• In case of a draw, the player with the most transport cards still in his possession wins.

What do you see on screen?

Top left you will see:

  • The player names that joined
  • The star shows who’s turn it is.
  • Player score, the amount of correctly answered questions.

Top right you will see:

  • Sound on/off
  • Quit the game. 

Bottom of the screen

Your transport cards and your climate actions.

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Save Our Planet game tutorial